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Bear Kodiak Magnum Compound Bow

This Magnum Bow is exquisite for target shooting, deer, and other big game, it comes with a vtg 70 s bowstring, making it first-rate for stability and control while shooting. The compound Bow is in like manner made of wood, making it durable and uncomplicated to keep in condition, it grants a length of 37 inches, making it long enough for most shooting applications.

Cheap Bear Kodiak Magnum Compound Bow

This Magnum Bow is sensational for target shooting, indoor archery, or nature hunting, the vtg 70 series Bow is fabricated with a hardwood veneer to give you strength and durability. The Magnum compound is designed to take big kills with ease, the 37" length is excellent for precision shooting. The soft blackwood lets you hear the shot in detail, plus, the large knobs and controls make it facile to manage your bow. The Bear Kodiak Magnum compound Bow is a for hunting in canada, it is improved over the regular Kodiak Bow with its extra-large Magnum this Bow is available with an at 523-45 stature. With its bearings and oiled straps, this Bow is sure to provide the best results with the most accuracy, home defense, or target hunting. The vtg 70 s Bear kinetic energy gxp package provides serious Bow hunting and shooting performance, the Magnum size is a fantastic number for serious Bow hunting or target shooting. This Bow is further effortless to keep in condition with its easy-to-use Bow handle, the Magnum size also allows for a larger arrowhead to have a more pronounced and powerful cut. The Bear compound Bow is a sensational way for enthusiasts who enjoy the successful Bow hunting and shooting experience.