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Bear Whitetail 2 Compound Bow

Thisbear's 2 compound Bow sights are designed to provide superior control and accuracy when hunting with your way of ammunition, the sights are built into the Bow and can be used with or without the help of an ammo string, making it an exceptional accessory for all hunting levels. The Bow also renders a built-in holster and a draw weight of 60 ounces.

Bear Whitetail 2 Compound Bow Specs

This Bow is an exceptional Bow for compound Bow hunters because it presents a patent pending system and a large range of adjustment screws, the Bear Whitetail 2 compound Bow is designed to provide greater accuracy and power than a conventional compound bow. This is a Bear Bow and arrow holster for the glock 19 and 20 revolver, it is produced of durable materials and designed to protect your gear. The Bear Bow and arrow holster is designed to hold any type of bow, including, but not limited to, bear, trump, and deer bows, the holster also features a black compound Bow ide, which gives the Bow and arrow, on average, an extra 2 compound Bow limbs. This makes for a more powerful and versatile bow, this Bear compound Bow holder is enticing for holding your Bow on levels 2 and 2 with Bear compound sights. The holder provides a comfortable shoulder strap and is manufactured of durable materials to last, to adjust the draw weight of a Bear compound bow, you will need the following: a Bear compound bow, sight, arrows, weight, and balance. Once you have the above in place, the next step is to create a mix of arrows from all different types and weights, use a jigsaw or chisel to create an unique arrow mix for each Bow opening. Once you have created each mix, send them all back and change the arrows to create your own individual bow, the final step is to re-add sight, and re-attach sight to the bow.