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Hoyt Fast Flite Compound Bow

This Hoyt Fast Flite compound Bow is sterling for right-hand shooters, it's a best-in-class Bow for deer, urban game, and other big animals. It renders an 70 lb draw and is packed with features.

Hoyt Fast Flite Compound Bow Ebay

This Hoyt Fast Flite compound Bow is an excellent alternative for multi-talent shooters wanting for an affordable solution, the Bow offers a high quality look and feel with lots of travel and is produced from high-quality materials. The Hoyt Fast Flite compound hunting bows is an unique Bow that utilizes a fast-firing compound Bow standard, the Bow is designed for use in all types of hunting, including big game, close range, and long range. This Bow is produced with a lightweight cross-sectional Bow head and an atypical biz body that provides extra strength and durability, the Hoyt Fast Flite compound hunting Bow offers a large capacity for taking large amounts of prey. Additionally, the Bow extends a relatively low-priced price tag of just under $1000, it is manufactured of durable materials that will last for years of use. With an energy scale of up to 50, it provides an impressive quartering power for the single-ended type i pull type i action provides good reliability and facile action care, the sight is basic to operate with a single-position iron sight. The recoil spring and recoil battery are low- this Hoyt Fast Flite compound Bow is an excellent way for enthusiasts hunting for an orange and green bow, this Bow provides an 70 lb barbel bowstring and is manufactured with two green leaves. It is conjointly compatible with hoyt's other right hand bows, this Bow is capable of achieving an 32 draw score.