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Kodiak Compound Bow

This Kodiak camo compound Bow is a first-class Bow for archery or tactical purposes, it comes with a quiver of 31 arrows, an 65 lb. Cobra, and it is an unequaled length for a compound bow, this Bow is outstanding for a suitor wanting for an outfitter or weaponry.

Bear Kodiak Compound Bow

This is a very good condition bear Kodiak bow, it is a rh bow, which means the stem is the only choice to adjust the length to tailor a relaxed fit. The Bow grants some on the shoulders and there is some minor damage, the optics are excellent, with no issues with sight picture or accuracy. This is a practical Bow for people hunting for a classic look and feel, the bear Kodiak browns are first-class color and the Bow is manufactured from high quality materials, making this Bow a valuable value. The Kodiak bear compound Bow is an unequaled Bow for hunting bear, it is fabricated of aluminum and renders a magnum type bowstring. It is further adjustable to tailor any size from 2, 5 to 5 inches. The Bow also imparts a serrated knife sheath, this Bow is prime for concealed carry or for hunting in public areas. The bear Kodiak special compound Bow is an unique Bow made with the right hand doppler Bow system in order to performance for right handed compound bows, this Bow is designed to provide target shooting, indoors or out, with an inch measure or less. The 30-weight Kodiak series Bow is designed to resist wear and tear over time, regardless of the location or shooting situation, the series is designed to last 10, 000 rounds per month at an average action discharge of 10. 4 rounds per minute, with its stainless steel nock and metal handle, this Bow is designed to look and feel like your everyday bear. This 36" compound Bow was made from aluminum with a white gold trim, it provides a black quiver and is selling for at least $2, 000 plus.