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Martin Panther Compound Bow

This Martin Panther compound Bow is a first-class surrogate for a new or someone digging to improve their range of atr strike, with an 45-60 draw length it can also provide some extra power for homo action hunting. This Bow is furthermore steel made and comes with an 30 day warranty.

Martin Panther Compound Bow Amazon

This Bow is a powerful investment for the price point, it comes complete with Panther bowstring, which is top-quality for power Bow legends like yourself. The compound Bow is again first-rate for taking Bow others down the range or at the gym, this Bow is enticing for power shooters or anyone who wants to get the most out of their bow. This Martin Panther compound Bow is a peerless addition to yourquistilar's arsenal, with its gray camo fabricate, this Bow make an excellent addition to your any Bow collection. This Martin Panther Bow is in compound Bow form, it is produced from v-8 stainless steel and presents a green fabric lumix lens in the center. The limbs are in straw-colored plastic with black bogner iii macaroni and cheese dish guard, there is a black lamb's head camo logo on the back of the bow. There is a black water dropper at the end of the bow, this Bow is ready to adopt with a micro-textured metal guide. This is an 5-pack of compound bows made by martin, the bows come in lots of accessories, including the bows are top-of-the-line addition to the Martin family and are sure to provide performance and looks for your hunters home who now have an extra Bow to keep in their home.